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· Designed to measure for VYC valves, but they can be adjusted to any other valve or installation on the market. 

· They guarantee a reduction in heat loss in the valve of less than 10%. This means a great energy saving. 

· The jackets can easily and repeatedly be put on and taken off, so access to maintain or repair the valve is quick. 

· Installation does not require any additional materials or special tools, or even experience. 


 Service conditions 

· The fiberglass can withstand temperatures of more than 500 °C. 

· The external silicone coating can withstand continued temperatures of up to 250 °C. 

· All the materials have been carefully selected for their resistance to wear and temperature. None of them are flammable and so the jacket is completely fireproof. 


Temperature gauge 

This is a prevention system to avoid accidents through burns. The gauge will detect and emit a warning when the external zone of the jacket exceeds 60ºC. The temperature gauge changes from black to red and displays hot surface warning symbols. As soon as the temperature decreases, the symbols disappear and the gauge gradually returns to its original colour. This is, currently, the only insulation jacket that includes the temperature gauge as standard.


Document pouch

It allows us to keep the documentation and/or information necessary for identifying the features of the insulated valve or piece of equipment without the need to take the jacket off.


On demand: 

· Possibility to be manufactured in other materials, thicknesses, etc. 

· Possibility to provide solutions for marine environments, resistance to acids, water tests, etc. 

· Possibility to include a leakage detection system. 


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